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Flour & Pasta Brands


For Our Favorite Meals!

 Zadna is a blend of sorghum and wheat flour, and used particularly for traditional food like Kissra & Aseeda. Zadna is all about being proud of our origins, whilst offering a modern interpretation. Zadna caters for those who move forward, but remain proud of where they have came from. Zadna stimulates feelings of nostalgia on your plate, with memories of the family around your table. We are proud of our origins and what defines us as Sudanese.

Zadna has a great ambition to make more traditional food solutions available to more people around Sudan. Also envisaged is to make affordable, easy-to-cook traditional products available everywhere.



Zadna launched in 2009 with the aim of satisfying the traditional food lovers with its taste, easy preparation and high quality. Zadna aimed to bring back the good old days with a modern touch blending the new with the old

The brand is currently being extended into a wider range of products to deliver better against our promise. Zadna Wholemeal as an extension to the traditional flour range, and a more diverse category of pulses and ready-to-cook products, all with the commonality of being traditional tasty food, offered now by Zadna as a convenient solution to suit today’s lifestyle.

Zadna is an advocate of always moving forward, without moving away. The brand understands that traditional food is not easy or quick to make and in a culture of great hospitality and the importance of family and their gatherings around traditional great tasting food, it becomes even more challenging; but you cannot do without it, it’s what roots you to your origin.


Made with love

Al-awwal is multipurpose flour, particularly for savoury and pastry recipes that require strong dough extensibility like sweet and savoury Gurassa, Pizza, Sambosa, Dumplings and general bakery. Al-awwal was launched in 1999 in response to consumers’ need for hygienic and multi-purpose wheat flour. Al-awwal managed to convert a normal commodity into a powerful brand which embodies both functional and emotional attributes, making it a family favourite around Sudan.

DAL Food and Al-awwal continue to have great ambitions to make more quality flour more available to more people around Sudan, and to play an increasingly pivotal role in encouraging people to choose higher-quality, more hygienic flour to ensure a healthier life for them and their families.


Social Investment

Since 2009, Sayga’s Al-Awwal Flour brand has been rewarding excellence by recognizing the first, or highest-scoring, student in each field of the Sudanese Secondary School Certificate (academic, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and women-specific studies).

We sponsor a festive ceremony which is attended by family, friends, academia, DAL employees and government officials to recognise the students. Each honoured student is presented with a medal, a certificate, a tablet computer and an all-expense paid trip to Malaysia for an English language intensive course.


The first consumer flour brand in Sudan was SAYGA , which was first a general purpose flour. Later specialty home baking products were developed to address different baking needs and were given different names such as Al-Awwal, Makhsous and Semolina, to reflect their respective specialties.


The Home Baking Hero!

Makhsous is the wheat flour brand that makes superior tasting cakes & cookies everyone loves because of its premium wheat quality. It is associated with happy occasions like weddings and feasts when desserts are baked for celebrations.



The first consumer flour brand was SAYGA which was a general-purpose flour. Later specialty home baking products were developed to address different baking needs and called Al-Awwal, Makhsous and Semolina.


Everyday Inspiration!

DAL Food introduced Nobo pasta in 2006 with a vision of providing the Sudanese people with innovative and locally produced, high-quality pasta that can add inspiration to everyday meals whilst being affordable, filling, nutritious and delicious!

Nobo pasta is made from 100% Semolina created from the world’s finest wheat. It’s versatility is shown through a variety of shapes that enable both sweet and savoury dishes to be produced in combination with fresh, affordable, locally available ingredients.

Nobo pasta is available in the following forms: Nobo Vermicelli, Nobo Suksukeneya, Nobo Elbow. Nobo Penne, Nobo Spiral, Nobo Shell, Nobo Risoni



DAL Food entered the pasta market in 2006 and very quickly became the pioneering pasta manufacturer in Sudan. Nobo is now a decade old pasta brand in Sudan and the undisputed market leader. The success of DAL Food in the introduction of pasta into the Sudanese diet has led to high pasta being a regular favourite in over 85% of Sudanese households across the country.

DAL Food continues to innovate through new pack sizes, new variants such as the recently launched Risoni rice-shaped pasta and campaigns to inspire households to try new sauces and pasta meals.