We deeply value Corporate Responsibility- since our dawn, responsible business practices and the desire to contribute to the communities and add value in which we operate have been an integral part of our business decisions.

We believe that our strength is derived from the diversity of both our people and our customers; we have the privilege of dealing with a range of business and consumers across many sectors. We touch the lives of people every day through our products and services and as much as we believe that a privilege, we realize the great responsibility that comes with it.


School Library

As DAL Group CSR believes that education is essential for human progress, societal development and the creation of a healthy economic environment. The School Library Initiative was started in 2012, by cooperating with Ministry of Education and associated entities and NGOs in distributing dozens of books libraries in Khartoum’s schools.

While supporting a number of schools can benefit the community, more must be done for sustainable development and long-term impact. For this reason, DAL CSR encouraged structuring a group that includes the federal and state ministries of education, the National Library, Alfaisal Cultural Centre, the Sudanese Association for Libraries and Information and Iqraa Organization to form The Support and Development of School Library Network.

The aim of this network is to promote libraries in Sudanese schools, and to work with the Ministry of Education to regulate a law that obligates public and private sector schools to offer a library class, while encouraging NGOs and the private sector to support the supply of books.

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The School Milk Program

The School Milk Program (SMP) is one of the important links in the DAL Dairy Value Chain; beginning in 2011 in partnership with the Khartoum State-Ministry of Education and Tetrapak, providing 16,000 underprivileged students in the greater Khartoum area with free daily packs of milk.

The SMP aims to alleviate malnutrition, increase students’ overall wellbeing, raise health awareness, and increase school attendance and is all about results. It is clear the difference a pack of milk can make, from full attendance levels to football victories. This is the drive at the heart of SMP.

A separate academic evaluation showed that, across the board, the program has made a big difference.  In some schools absence dropped from 60% to zero. Academic achievement reached 68.8% from zero. Sick reports reduced by half. The milk gave school children more energy; restored capabilities to learn, making the most of their time in the classroom; and gave them an improved chance at success.  The SMP is our contribution to a stronger nation, built by healthy, intelligent young minds and bodies. It is also an excellent demonstration of the power of Public Private Partnerships.

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The SUTRAC Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program began in 1983 and in 2006 witnessed a structured approach in accommodating batches of fresh graduates from Bsc and Diploma levels.  This approach is based on the belief in group learning: the students stay in the same facility for a month and are trained together, learning and socializing equally- over 600 apprentices have been trained since then!

Applicants for training, undergo a number of Aptitude Tests, then short listing the best candidates. The trainees are then rotated to the various workshop sections and evaluated at the end of the program. The evaluations are prepared jointly by the workshop supervisors & the training center personnel and the candidates are awarded training certificates upon the successful completion of their training periods.

This practice is executed quarterly and all trainees receive allowances to cover their shared accommodation & meal costs. All these efforts are done in commitment to SUTRAC’s corporate responsibility and are aimed to expose young graduates to best industry standards to increase their employment chances and contribute to the well-being of the economy.

Another phase of the Apprenticeship Program is the selection of the Program graduates for recruitment within SUTRAC. Graduates trainees that have the potential are then further interviewed and assessed for regular jobs as Service Engineers.


Al-Awwal: Rewarding Excellence

For five consecutive years, Sudan’s top high school graduates – from the academic, trade, industrial and female studies sectors undergo an extensive academic course in English language studies, and cultural and educational programmes.

The programme is part of the ‘Al Awwal honours the first’ initiative, and takes after the name of Sayga’s high performance all-purpose flour brand. The Al Awwal initiative rewards the top achieving students in Sudan’s high school diploma. The initiative instils a sense of competition in high schools and aims to expose top achieving students to different cultures and communications at an early age, and enhance students’ diplomatic skills while sharing and reflecting their own Sudanese culture with foreigners.




5×5 is our staff’s way of extending a hand to those in need because together we do better. This takes the form of voluntary contributions of 5 SDG (or more) from employees’ monthly salaries. The target started as for 5,000 employees to donate every month, meaning a monthly contribution of 25,000 SDG. Now, there are 7,000 employees, some who contribute with bigger amounts. This money is then used to support local charitable projects and causes, with a focus on children’s health issues.

The purpose of 5X5 is to:

  • Ensure the continuity of employees’ contributions without having to run ad hoc fund-raising campaigns, and
  • Maximizing impact through the compilation of small contributions to serve as many beneficiaries as possible.

Today, six years down the line, the initiative has implemented 150,000 SDG worth of projects and reached hundreds of beneficiaries by supporting health institutions, making a significant difference to their lives.


The Joy of Eid

For the past years, active employees have voluntarily coordinated the Joy of Eid campaign to spread goodwill at the end of Ramadan. Reaching out to thousands of underprivileged community members, groups of DAL Food distribute food products, clothing, toys, and sweets.

The Joy of Eid campaign has tremendously reflected corporate culture through the virtues of voluntary work, social responsibility and caring for our community.



The Baking Development Center (BDC)

The Baking Development Centre was founded in 2000 to provide training programmes to Sudan’s baking and pastry industry.  The BDC welcomes all students from throughout the industry and our courses are free of charge to all who register, regardless of their professional background or level of ability.

The BDC adopts a scientific approach to the art of baking and instils a renewed understanding of the bakery process to Sudanese bakers across the industry. More than 7,200 are trained every year in the resident school, helping to improve product quality and diversity for the benefit of their customers or family. Since 2001, DAL Food has trained a total of bakers and 48,200 housewives across 79 cities in Sudan within the mobile school. So far 180,000 had been trained since the beginning of the program, 50,000 from baking industry and 130,000 from the community

The BDC also voluntarily educates Sudanese households in the art of baking and pastry making. This helps to improve domestic cookery skills and provides valuable training which is useful in both at home and in the workplace.


Warm Winter

Warm Winter is a great example of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and do some good. DAL Group CSR was just raising awareness and collecting donations for slums and homeless around Khartoum areas as winter hit us hard this season.

On the 12thof January 2015 boxes were placed all over DAL’s companies, then on the 19th, 20th and 21st of Jan. all employees were donating their cloths. KICS Parents Association had donated 200 blankets as well.

Volunteers have done a great job in sorting and organize received donations, keeping the inflow and outflow running smoothly. Special thanks to the Graduate Program Batch 5.

DAL Group has responded to the desperate need of children and adults in (Al Ahamda – Um Derewa and Hattab), by providing them the staff donations.


Medical camp

The  medical team of Albasar Int’l foundation reached Kadabas – west of Berber- to execute a free eye camp under the sponsorship of DAL Medical Co., where they provided medical services for more than 1,000 patients, operated a number (77) surgery and a number (40) Case were transferred to Makah Hospital in Khartoum, to conduct laser and retina operations. This initiative been coordinated with Sheikh Alja’ali Charity society- River Nile State and Kadabas educational Hospital, the camp covered the majority of the population of the villages of the Nile River.

At the end of the camp, faculty of Mecca for ophthalmology provided scholarship for 2 students to ensure the continuity of the medical services of the unit at the hospital where there are lack of specialized medical cadres.

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Road Safety

DAL Motors, created an awareness campaign to help address the root problems that lead to road injuries and fatalities through raising public awareness and promoting safety driving culture.

In partnership with the Traffic Police in the Ministry of Interior, DAL Group addressed the main causes behind road injuries that are getting worse due to a lack of general awareness.  These have been identified as the use of mobile phones while driving, wearing seat belts, endorsing the safety of children and promoting safe driving practices.

An integral part of the campaign was schoolchildren because changing their mindset will create more impact through a more enlightened future generation. We believe that is our responsibility to encourage drivers and pedestrians to understand that safe driving starts with the right attitude, which means being accountable, aware and responsible.


Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October, DAL wears one color, for one purpose, in support for one cause – to raise awareness about breast cancer. DAL Group Corporate Responsibility organize an event that included an informative lecture, a survivor story and some tips.

Pink Thursday aims to both raise breast cancer awareness among DAL employees, as well as raise funds for the Women Group Initiative, which helps thousands of needy women to fight this deadly disease in rural areas.  Cupcakes, handmade jewelry and glamorous accessories made by Zol & Zola and Fandora are exhibited. The proceeds from this sale are estimated to help dozens of women get breast exams.