Dairy Brands


Pure nature. Pure joy!

Since our humble beginnings as the Blue Nile Dairy Company, back in 1997, the CAPO brand has strived to provide the tastiest, most nutritious and enjoyable dairy products to the people of Sudan, and is now clearly established as the first name in Dairy.

That’s because we believe that food derived from natural sources is fresher, more nutritious, and better for you and your family. We therefore go out of our way to ensure we provide innovative products that use the purest, natural ingredients to create delicious and healthy dairy products.

The extensive CAPO range demonstrates the power of delicious food and drink to bring together families and friends, allowing them to share life’s little moments. Whether it’s an indulgent moment alone to savour one of our delectable tasty drinking yoghurts, or a special occasion when our perfectly balanced natural yoghurt is used to make a satisfying and memorable family meal or simply the reassurance that our high-quality, pure cow’s milk is there as a healthy and enjoyable drink for your children.


That dedication for doing the best for your family has been there since the first beginnings of the CAPO brand. The CAPO story began in 1996, when the father of the current DAL Group’s Chairman was recovering from an illness. It was suggested by his doctor that he take up a relaxing project that would allow him to regain his strength. Having always had an interest in agriculture, he decided to buy some cows and start a small farm. Naturally enough, the cows began producing milk, and much more milk than could simply be given away to friends and family.

The Daoud family therefore decided to turn the farm into a commercial entity and start selling the milk. In 1997, a small processing plant was built and production rapidly increased to 15,000 litres of milk a day. The company was named the Blue Nile Dairy Company (such was its proximity to the Blue Nile itself) and the brand name CAPO chosen, after the nickname the family had for one of their young sons.

From these humble beginnings, CAPO quickly became the leading dairy brand in Sudan. Building upon the success of its milk production, the company expanded its product range to include plain, set and fruit yoghurt, whipping cream, Mish, drinking yoghurt and cheese.

In September 2010, CAPO moved into a new world-class manufacturing facility in Bahari which includes state-of-the-art processing equipment which allows us to sustain and enhance our reputation as the highest-quality, most versatile and tastiest dairy brand in Sudan.

To ensure CAPO products reach the retailer in perfect condition, DAL Food manages its own distribution via a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated trucks. Branded coolers are supplied to retailers’ premises to guarantee optimum storage conditions and ensure that products are maintained in ideal condition for the consumer.

In 2015, CAPO introduced a new range of drinking yoghurts in a variety of flavours which took the market by storm and making great-tasting dairy snacks available for busy on-the-go consumers. Most recently, CAPO entered the cheese market with a great-tasting triangle cheese product that is more accessible to local shoppers than the international brands sporadically available.

However, the DAL Food Company and the CAPO brand still have great ambitions to make more quality dairy products more available to more people around Sudan, and to play an increasingly pivotal role in encouraging and enabling children to improve their diet and therefore improve their abilities to grow and learn.

Social Investment

In 2011, DAL Food, through the CAPO brand, began a pilot School Milk Programme (SMP) in partnership with the Khartoum State Ministry of Education, providing 16,000 underprivileged students in the greater Khartoum area with free daily packs of long-life milk. The program has expanded with the help of partners such as USAID and Cargill and now reaches approximately 26,000 schoolchildren in 3 regions of Sudan. The SMP aims to alleviate malnutrition, increase students’ overall wellbeing, raise health awareness, and increase school attendance, and great strides have been made in the schools where CAPO is a daily, healthy start.