Earth Moving & Construction

Highest quality heavy equipment for all purposes

In our constantly moving and changing world it has become necessary to move earth to achieve change and developed infrastructure. The demand for heavy equipment and material handling across the world is moving in a rapid pace as infrastructure needs and demands rise by the day.

DAL has been leading the market since it started back in the 1950’s. Ever since, DAL engineering has kept its legacy of high quality products and premium service to its customers, an ongoing process.

In the earth moving industry, DAL engineering gives the customers a very wide range of high quality products and after sales services to aid the progress and development of our beloved Sudan and the vast businesses operating within its borders.  

Through SUTRAC, DAL also serves a number of market sectors, including: Earthmoving, Petroleum, Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Power generation systems, Material handling, and Telecommunication. It offers second to none services and the widest range of integrated solutions for the supply, sales, financing facilities, purchase and rent of new machines, equipment and engines. The company has been continuously introducing products and services with cutting edge technologies that meet the business needs of the market.

In order to always provide customers with first-class products and services, DAL always looks forward to partnerships with world leading brands to bring the best of the best to the plate of the Sudanese customer.

The Journey to Success

The Power to Move Mountains

SUTRAC was established in 1952. since then, it has held the dealership for Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of machinery and engines for the earthmoving, mining and petroleum industries, building and road construction, electric power generation, materials handling and agricultural applications.

Since establishment, SUTRAC has been recognized by its clients as a leading company in Sudan that provides high quality products, genuine parts and services to its partners with high service response time across even remote regions of Sudan.

SUTRAC currently retains several-hundred service contracts across Sudan. Its extensive and exceptional field service is possible thanks to its large fleet of trucks and service vehicles, which allow the company to deliver equipment and reach clients wherever needed. The company also performs civil, mechanical and installation work to provide end-to-end power solutions to its customers.

550,000 line items

An inventory of over 550,000 line items

10 different stores

Over 10 different stores countrywide

One of its kind in Sudan

The Sutrac rental store is the only one of its kind in Sudan

Wide range of heavy equipment

The widest range of heavy equipment in Sudan

Products & Services

Strengths and Capabilities

Countrywide Reach

With a fleet of over 90 vehicles, we offer the capability of reaching the customer wherever he may be. Our goal is to minimize the downtime of our customers and get them back on their feet as soon as possible.

Rental Services

Being the only one of its kind in Sudan, the rental store gives customers the ability to rent new or used machines for a wide range of applications.

The conditions are transparent and no “hidden surprises” are involved.

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is professionally trained by experts in both areas of maintenance and sales support. Our sales support team has the necessary skills to aid customers in all their enquiries and all questions related to our products.

The repair technicians are professionally instituted and trained to the highest level of knowledge to enable them to repair all products to the highest level attainable.

Customer Support Agreements

Customer support agreements (CSA) are mutual partnerships that involve having a dedicated team on site to regularly check and prevent client machinery from breaking down and to help you drive down operating costs.

Complete Product Line

Through the many affiliations with world leading brands, we offer customers an endless choice of products to satisfy all their needs regardless of the sectors in which they operate.

Customer Relationship Management

Sutrac prides in having a customer relationship management (CRM) program that enhances the communication with our customers and bridges connections for the long term. Through our vivid relationships with customers, we become more than just a business front, we turn into partners of choice and help customers save time.