Specialized and comprehensive energy solutions

One of the most important participations to Sudan’s thriving economy is availing energy. Starting from building and operating private ownership power systems, along with retail Gen-Sets. All this is supported by an accumulative engineering and installation/implementation experience and well-established service workshops.

DAL has powered big industry players including: Oil and gas companies, Sugar factories, Cement factories, many strategic national development projects and even cities.

Energy Projects  provides specialist infrastructure solutions to the energy sector, the driving force of our products and services offered is the ability to be unique by offering our customers comprehensive power solutions and services , using quality products that meet the expectations, and put us a head of competition.

DAL Engineering’s energy division provides specialized and comprehensive complete solutions and services using quality products from premier brands such as Visa generators, Atlas Copco generators and Allen Diesel Center generators, as well as highly trained and skilled manpower that operate at an elevated standard and reflect the excellence of the company.

Dal engineering’s power division has the mission of providing complete power solutions to its various customers and there changing needs. The division aims to provide durable, reliable, and efficient performance, that is second to none, to keep power flowing.

The Journey to Success

Specialized and comprehensive energy solutions

Originally founded in 1951 as Sayer & Colley Ltd, DAL Engineering Company Ltd is the oldest establishment under the umbrella of DAL Group.

Although power generators were available through Dal Engineering since 1956, it was not until recently that Dal Engineering gave specific focus to the Power market. Dal Engineering’s Power Division came in 2007 as a natural evolution of providing more solutions to the consumer in the Sudanese market. The drive for the future relies on powering every move we make and making sure we back up our power capabilities.

DAL engineering also Established Allen Diesel Center which is specialized service provider for oil and gas sector in 1998 to service the emerging oil industry in Sudan. ADC is now part of the DAL Group of Companies – DAL Engineering Division – and sits as the service provider to oil field and industrial companies as well as Suppliers of Complete Engine Modules, OEM Parts and chemicals.

Products & Services

Strengths and Capabilities

Value Chain Integration

We have the widest range of product offerings in the heavy equipment and agricultural sectors. No other company can satisfy all needs of its customers like we do. We cover areas such as construction, mining, power generation, material handling solutions, agriculture (from land preparation and through all the stages of farming until storage); only to mention a few.

After Sales Support

DAL Engineering offers an inventory that boasts more than 500,000 parts in order to protect and minimize our customers down time.

Allen Diesel Center

ADC operates from a well-equipped modern workshop with floor area of approx.700m² and are representatives of Allen Diesels Engines.

Extensive Network Coverage

DAL Engineering has a major and vast reach across the entire Sudan region. With over ten branches in the different areas of Sudan and also the ability to deliver the products right to the customers door step.