Food & Beverages

Sudan’s Biggest Agri-food Business

The Food Industry in Sudan is characterised by of focus on basic, staple foods in a market where many products are still sold in loose, unbranded form from bulk packaging. Companies such as DAL Food have been at the forefront of introducing improved production and distribution facilities for staples such as Flour, Water, Dairy, Sugar and Pasta, contributing to rising levels of quality and reliability for a nation where food is central to their daily lives.

DAL Food is Sudan’s largest and most diverse food company focused on providing affordable, basic, staple foods and drinks. The company is a visionary integration of a number of successful DAL Group divisions that have come together to form a larger, more cohesive agri-food organisation that will help increase access to DAL’s quality products, thereby playing a key role in improving the daily lives of people all around Sudan and beyond.

DAL Food’s mission is to extend its position as the largest provider of reliable, affordable, basic, staple food and drinks products for mass market consumption in Sudan. Our business is guided by our commitment to providing products that “improve life”. We believe improving life can be achieved by making our products simple, nutritious, accessible, affordable and of high quality.

The History behind DAL Food

Tradition, Innovation, Local Sourcing, Education

It all started when DAL Agriculture was established in 1984. DAL Agriculture is one of the bedrocks of DAL Group, supplying and sourcing much of the raw material for DAL Food from alfalfa and sorghum to milk. In 1996 Sayga Investment Company was estbalished and has grown since then to become the foremost flour milling and packaging company in Sudan, with a leading position in the supply of flour to bakeries and a dominant position in supplying packaged flour, sorghum and pasta to consumers. In 1997 DAL Dairy Factory was established to pioneer the provision of pasteurised fresh milk and UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk in Sudan, and eventually became the leading dairy company in the country. DAL Food Industries was then set up in 2002 to produce, pack and distribute Coca-Cola products. It also incorporates the leading water brand Safia, and an array of fruit juices.

In December 2013, the four DAL Group companies operating in agriculture, dairy, flour and grains, and soft drinks merged to form the agri-food company DAL Food with the vision of becoming the biggest provider of basic staple foods in sudan.

200,000 Yogurt Cups / Daily

Every second more than 20 of our drinks products are consumed

Milling Capacity > 1 M Tonnes / Year

Our milling operation is one of the largest in the region.

Baking Training > 60,000 trained

We have trained more than 60,000 people across the country in baking and bread making

3,000 Holstein/Friesian Cows

We have a dairy herd of 3,000 Holstein/Friesian cows, chosen specially for their high milk production.

Products & Services

Strengths and Capabilities

DAL Food offers an integrated model that products and services “from the farm to the plate”. Given the isolation of Sudan, DAL Food have pursued a strategy of reducing their reliance on imported raw materials in favour of developing farming and sourcing solutions with the local market, thereby increasing food security and developing local farmers and businesses. Our Al-Waha farm produce quality fodder such as Alfalfa and Rhodes grass and our Alifoun farm supplies a large portion of our cows’ milk input for our Dairy factory. DAL Food supplements this through advanced contract farming, and partnerships with local farmers, to supply us with additional crops such as Sorghum, as well as milk through our milk collection centres.

We also partner closely with our sister company, DAL Engineering, for expertise in farm management and equipment, giving DAL group a distinct edge in integrated farming in Sudan.

Understanding our environment and our consumers is central to DAL Group’s success, and at DAL Food we operate an extensive consumer research and retail audit unit, as well as state-of-the-art facilities within the DAL Food Research Centre (DFRC)

The DFRC investigates and formulates innovative basic food and drink products, and establishes and controls the strict quality measures required for DAL Food products in Sudan. Within the DFRC, the Scientific Office supports product development activities, including a world-class product performance evaluation process for sensory evaluation and product characteristic testing.

DAL Group has been at the forefront of revolutionising the food production industry in Sudan, from the first mass-milled and packaged grains and quality long-life dairy products, to the most advanced Coca-Cola bottling plant in the region. Our commitment to quality has resulted in a number of ISO accreditations, and praise from a number of our esteemed international suppliers, including Tetrapak and Buhler mills.

” The vision of Bühler’s Grains & Food Business is to engineer sustainable processing solutions for all kinds of grains — wheat, maize or sorghum – for our customers around the world. Developed in close partnership with our customers, these solutions provide the optimal quality and nutritional value whilst also maximizing efficiency for improved returns. We share with DAL Food a dedication to protecting our environment and resources as well as supporting the development of societies through investment in training and education, and a continued fight against hunger.

Bühler is proud to have established a trusted partnership with DAL Food in delivering these solutions over the last two decades.”

Johannes Wick ,Managing Director : Bühler Grains & Food

DAL Food has always been a pioneer in the Sudanese food industry, and a demonstration of its commitment to excellence is in the investment in state-of-the-art technology, facilities and specialist skills.

From the high-tech Bühler milling machinery to the modern Tetrapak dairy plant to the region’s most advanced Coca-Cola bottling plant, advanced technology and international quality standards are hallmarks of the DAL Food approach.

DAL Food has the broadest reach and most extensive sales and distribution network in Sudan. The current structure takes into account the channel and customer needs required for the different parts of the business.

The historical backbone of DAL Food has been the development of the B2B channel, servicing bakeries, pastry producers and shops through a network of agents and some selected direct deliveries. For FMCG products, a combination of direct delivery (including cold chain), third party agents and wholesalers are leveraged to ensure that our packaged products have the broadest distribution and most prominent merchandising across the entire country, and arrive in perfect condition for optimal shelf life and reliable quality.

DAL Food recognises that a strong customer relationship is a two-way street, and developing the local customer’s business ensures a stronger, more stable and loyal customer base. To this end, the company works with local dairy farmers of varying sizes to provide milk to its numerous collection centres at guaranteed prices to enable them to plan their business.

AL Food also provides veterinarian support and animal husbandry consultancy services to improve animal health, quality and yields. In addition, the Sayga bakery flour value stream provides technical support and training to bakers, and was instrumental in migrating a significant proportion of bakers from traditional wood-fired ovens to modern liquid-gas powered ovens that not only improve their yields but are also more environmentally friendly.