World class mining equipment’s and operations

DAL Mining provides an extensive range of first class mining services to the regional mining industries in a manner that promotes safety and protects the health of individuals and the environment.

Having regional headquarters in Khartoum, the Company is able to efficiently utilize its team of executives and technical staff in its activities all over the Sudan states.

DAL Mining has emerged as a prominent name in the market due to its transparency in business operations and business strategy. Repetitive orders by clients reflect the quality and durability of the services and products provided, making DAL Mining the business partner of choice.

DAL Mining offers a complete range of services to its customers. The target of DAL mining is not selling products but rather what the organization can do for the customer. In other words, DAL Mining provides a complete solution.

DAL Mining is no different from all the other branches of DAL’s engineering division. In collaboration with world renowned brands, they provide world class services and the products to match those services.

The Rise of Mining

One of Sudan’s Biggest Wealth

Mining started playing an important role in Sudan’s economy after South-Sudan declared its independence & took with it the majority of production oil fields. Mining is expected to replace oil exports drop in Sudan’s budget.

The mining industry in Sudan is a flourishing sector and accounts for almost 4% of the country’s GDP. In particular, the gold mining industry is scaling up rapidly.  It was estimated to be worth 2.5 billion dollars in 2013. Mineral resources have not been fully explored as of yet but include: Petroleum, Natural gas, Gold, Silver, Chrome, Asbestos,  Manganese, Gypsum, Mica, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Uranium, Copper, Kaolin, Cobalt, Granite, Nickel and Tin.

DAL has contributed to the booming of this sector by providing the required machinery and tools, and being aware of the fact that the mining is a strategic investment for Sudan. DAL has tailored innovative, specialized and environmentally friendly solutions for the mining business that include supplying the inputs and tools along with operating and exploring services.


61 Years

61 years of experience in manufacturing industrial and medical gases

200,000 M3 /Hours

2,000m3/hr production rate of air gases

14 POS & Showrooms

14 points of sale and showrooms in Sudan and abroad

3 Neighbouring Countries

3 neighbouring countries are using Liquid Air products