Sudanese Nubia: Portrait of a Vanishing Culture

Saturday 7th of May marked Dal Cultural forum’s launch of the book Sudanese Nubia: A Portrait of a Vanishing Culture. A number of esteemed guests graced us with their presence, including the Chairman Mr. Osama Daoud, Dal Food’s Managing Director Mr. Ihab Daoud and the Managing Director of Dal Engineering Mr. Motasim Daoud.

Some well known dignitary attendees that have attended the book include the Embassies of South Africa, Germany and Canada due to their archeological presence in Sudan. Grezelda Altayeb, another significant figured also attended the event reflecting her interest in the Sudanese Nubia, in addition to the fact that she was closely involved in the creation of this bookas well as creating some of its artwork.

Hosted at the new Kia Showroom, celebrations included a display of the images from the book accompanied by a commentary from the authors. The author’s of the book are Robert Dvorak, Holly Payne and Dr. Abdelhafiz Gafar Ali concluded the event by signing copies for the guests. There was also a Nubian band performance adding a cultural flavor to the event.


Quotes from the night

“ For a private company to pay attention to ‘vanishing traditions’ and culture in general shows a lot about their values. Tonight’s events taught me a lot about the Nubia, its people and culture”. – Ahmed Mohamed Younis, Journalist

“I’d like to extend my thanks to DAL for their endless support and sponsoring the publishing of this book in both Arabic and English allowing it to be spread to a wider audience”. – Dr. Abdelhafiz Jaffar, Author