The Philanthropy Age Article

DAL is expanding in its role as a global partner for change, helping to reach new heights of development in Sudan. Working with partners such as USAID, Cargill, and the World Food Programme, we are committed to increasing the quality of life of every Sudanese. In following with the UN Millennium Development Goals, we are pushing for change that we will see in our lifetime – whether in by enacting policies to expand education, eradicate poverty, or advocating for a greener world.

Our Management fully supports a model of public-private partnership that ensures we are doing our best in business and as people to better our environment. With the World Food Programme, we’re working to eradicate extreme hunger by supporting micro-nutrient powders that are distributed to the most malnourished communities. Our Baking Development Centre trains thousands yearly, empowering women with a skill set that they can apply to their own business. The School Milk Programme now reaches 26,000 school children, in five cities across Sudan as a part of a global partnership for development with USAID and Cargill. This Capo 200mL pack makes a huge difference, providing these children with safe milk daily, but more importantly, providing them with the incentive to stay in school and the nutrients to stay focused.

Our achievements are acknowledged by Philanthropy Age’s most recent issue, and in 2016 we only hope to expand our efforts.