Waha Farm

On Thursday march 17th afternoon the chairman Mr Osama Daoud , DF MD Mr Ihab Daoud , together with leadership team members from DAL were at Waha farm awaiting arrival of a helicopter carrying VIP guests .

Vice President of the Republic , Wali of Khartoum in addition to ministers and MP’s  were the public dignitaries that came to witness wheat harvesting in DAL Waha farm.

Irrespective that a major government celebration was taking place simultaneously at Medani to which media was invited , a sizeable number of editors in chief , reporters , column writers and TV channels were keen not to miss DAL invitation .

Their responses of admiration are reflected below . Al Shoroug Channel , Omdurman TV , and Khartoum TV  have all aired the event.

It was  exciting for guests to see full mechanised modern farming operations in practice . Sight stretching golden crop picked by latest harvesters of high quality German machineries , the wheat straw mechanically collected , baled , and removed from farm by bale collectors in order to clear the land for immediate sub soiling in preparation for corn planting in June . The grain is offloaded from harvesters straight into silo trucks to be transported to Sayga central silos . The whole operation runs without any manual touch from humans . The straw bales will ultimately be used by DAL Animal Feed Plant to  be processed with other added ingredients to become animal feed pellets . Benefiting from the wheat straw as explained , is a DAL pioneer initiative unprecedented either in the continent or in the region .

The quality and productivity of the crop was a land mark .

Sayga Central Lab reported a protein content of 14% for Waha farm crop against 12% for the imported.  Yield is  expected circa  25 sacks  per feddan ; an exceptionally high level for wheat grown in Khartoum or other regions in central or east part of the country ,  far from the wheat growing zone in the north .

Mr Ali Alsheikh said , “ This work is a result of a step by step 4 years research that has consumed a lot of resources and effort. What we are presenting is a solution. Reasonable Productivity and high quality, very well paying for the high cost.

The added value from baling and pelleting of the wheat straw is another 23.5%. By the way, there are very few farmers in the world who do this. If you consider what we do further with the pellets inside our feed mill, then I would assume we are the only company in the entire universe who does this. Other benefits is avoiding pollution if we burn, or letting animals into the field causing soil compaction

Mr Ali said the above result was achieved through the strong encouragement from top management followed by  strong dedication and commitment from the agric team on the ground , and top of all the very strong support received from DAL Eng and DAL Construction & Design whose professional and technical services were invaluable.