Spare Parts Retail

Dal engineering offers spare parts to all the products that it provides. Our huge inventory line of over 500,000 items offers peace of mind to consumers and assures them of the availability of said items. Not only that, but any unfound spare parts can be ordered according to specific consumer needs.

Machine Rental

Being the only one of its kind in Sudan, the rental store gives customers even more choices when deciding whether to buy equipment or not. The rental store offers new and used machines for rental, allowing customers to rent machines for required periods of time with transparent conditions. All machines up for rental are maintained to the best quality and highest standard.

Rental helps eliminate huge investments required to purchase the equipment and avails the opportunity to try out machines before a purchasing decision is made.

After Sales Support & Services

Dal engineering doesn’t stop at selling products to consumers only but rather continues to better the experience they enjoy. We offer intimate support and follow up to customers and provide them with the necessary services to keep everything in check for them.

Heavy Equipment Retail

The earthmoving industry requires giant machinery for the heavy loads of work within the scope of the industry. Dal engineering specializes in providing all sorts of heavy equipment to match consumer needs. From extreme duty dozers, super long reach hydraulic excavators and state-of-the-art wheel loaders; Dal engineering covers all requirements for earthmoving.

Dal engineering also understands the changing requirements of the Sudanese market and its orientation towards the future. We pick a flower from every garden, increasing the choice customers have when picking their machine of choice. High quality and renowned global and international dealers are Dal engineering’s choice when looking to broadening our product range to cover all aspects of earthmoving possible.