Medical camp

The  medical team of Albasar Int’l foundation reached Kadabas – west of Berber- to execute a free eye camp under the sponsorship of DAL Medical Co., where they provided medical services for more than 1,000 patients, operated a number (77) surgery and a number (40) Case were transferred to Makah Hospital in Khartoum, to conduct laser and retina operations. This initiative been coordinated with Sheikh Alja’ali Charity society- River Nile State and Kadabas educational Hospital, the camp covered the majority of the population of the villages of the Nile River.

At the end of the camp, faculty of Mecca for ophthalmology provided scholarship for 2 students to ensure the continuity of the medical services of the unit at the hospital where there are lack of specialized medical cadres.

Warm Winter

Warm Winter is a great example of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE and do some good. DAL Group CSR was just raising awareness and collecting donations for slums and homeless around Khartoum areas as winter hit us hard this season.

On the 12thof January 2015 boxes were placed all over DAL’s companies, then on the 19th, 20th and 21st of Jan. all employees were donating their cloths. KICS Parents Association had donated 200 blankets as well.

Volunteers have done a great job in sorting and organize received donations, keeping the inflow and outflow running smoothly. Special thanks to the Graduate Program Batch 5.

DAL Group has responded to the desperate need of children and adults in (Al Ahamda – Um Derewa and Hattab), by providing them the staff donations.

The Baking Development Center (BDC)

The Baking Development Centre was founded in 2000 to provide training programmes to Sudan’s baking and pastry industry.  The BDC welcomes all students from throughout the industry and our courses are free of charge to all who register, regardless of their professional background or level of ability.

The BDC adopts a scientific approach to the art of baking and instils a renewed understanding of the bakery process to Sudanese bakers across the industry. More than 7,200 are trained every year in the resident school, helping to improve product quality and diversity for the benefit of their customers or family. Since 2001, DAL Food has trained a total of bakers and 48,200 housewives across 79 cities in Sudan within the mobile school. So far 180,000 had been trained since the beginning of the program, 50,000 from baking industry and 130,000 from the community

The BDC also voluntarily educates Sudanese households in the art of baking and pastry making. This helps to improve domestic cookery skills and provides valuable training which is useful in both at home and in the workplace.