DAL Group

Sudan’s Largest and Most Diversified Conglomerate

Every day, DAL Group’s products and services touch the lives of millions of people in Sudan– whether that is bakers making bread at dawn, professionals commuting across Khartoum, homemakers preparing nutritious meals for their families, doctors performing life-saving procedures, or young people simply enjoying a refreshing soft drink on the banks of the Nile.

Making Sudan a better place to live





DAL Group Industries

DAL Group operates across many business sectors including – Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Earthmoving, Real Estate, Energy, Mining, Automotive, Healthcare and Education– with each business playing a leading role in its field. Since its establishment, the company has operated to international standards, underpinned by strong, clear business principles and ethical values.

DAL Group Brands

DAL Group boasts in impressive portfolio of leading brands which touch millions of lives every day. We have grown our own brands to be the leaders in most of the industries we operate in, and we have positively contributed to the success and growth of each of our partners’ brands, becoming the partner of choice for international brands looking to invest in Sudan.


We recognize the central role our co-workers will play in our future success and as an equal opportunity employer, actively seek to provide them with a working environment that encourages diversity, stimulates innovation, teamwork, learning and improvement and rewards individual performance solely on merit.

Social Responsibility

As responsible corporate citizens, we believe that our commitment to financial success entails certain social, economic and environmental responsibilities. We therefore measure our success as much through our actions and conduct as we do from the quality of our products and service

DAL Group Companies