Car Sales

Passenger Cars

DAL Motors Co. Ltd is the sole distributor of internationally reputable passenger car brands that have high local demand. The brands are chosen from the top German, Japanese and Korean automotive industries and include:

MITSUBISHI Passenger vehicles.   MERCEDES-BENZ Passenger vehicles. – KIA Passenger vehicles.

Trucks and Buses

Observing a valuable market opportunity and being in a strategic position with pre-set alliances, DAL Motors Co. Ltd expanded its lines of passenger cars to include sturdy, high performance trucks and buses.

MITSUBISHI Trucks & Buses.  FUSO Trucks & Buses.  MERCEDES-BENZ Trucks & Buses.  Haiger Bus.  FAW Trucks


In 2014 Autostar brought one of the top four Chinese bands; Changan passenger cars to Sudan, adding Chinese brands to its long list of world-class brands. The brand boasts technologies by Suzuki and Ford with the agility of Chinese manufacturing, to present a locally fashionable & reliable brand with several distinguished models.