Global environmental issues are growing in scale and complexity and their implications can be felt in our everyday lives.
Because of our leading position as a Sudanese private sector company and our significant mass, we have a responsibility to initiate change and set an example in the field of environment responsibility in our daily decisions, interactions and business operations.
It is our responsibility to increase awareness on both business and community levels. Climate change and other environmental issues are becoming of utmost concern and accordingly people’s behaviors need to be directed towards responsible resource utilization, value creation and cost savings.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

DAL’s contribution to our mother Planet

DAL Group has over 7,000 people, hundreds of facilities and offices,  this also means we consume vast amounts of environmental resources: water, paper, energy and plastic.

RRR is DAL’s main environmental project; it aims to modify current behavior through awareness to align DAL Group’s commitment to the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profit. The program also aims to save environmental resources, create business value and encourage innovative thinking to achieve more with less. It began with reviewing current environmental practices across all themes areas and rectifying bad practices and replicating best ones.

RRR’s biggest success is in the fact that it has begun recycling all DAL Group’s PET bottles and channeling it to its staff philanthropy account -5×5 program -which has been used to rehabilitate a number of hospitals and buy medical equipment. An ideal example of waste turned to good and an inspiration for partnership and sound waste management.

Between land clearing, construction, and tree care, tons of wood waste is produced in our different plants. Managing this wood waste is one thing – turning it into a useful by-product requires innovative solutions. So we decided to re-use the waste wood and turn it into book-shelves for needy schools.

RRR is our pledge to environmental responsibility and our promise to make a change.

Plant a tree campaign

 It started by planting 15000 trees in Khartoum through donating three trees to each DAL employee; one was planted in front of each individual’s house and the other two trees to be donated to the two adjacent neighbors left and right.

The School Garden Initiative was part of the project as well. Twenty schools had been selected to be a part of the project, as the awareness among public regarding tree planting including our children and community is very minimal and negligible. Catering for greenery and gardening is not well tackled and dealt with as a cultural value and community priority that should be embedded and inherited as national concern among ourselves, communities and children.

While the climate change is a global problem that requires local, national and international efforts to be concerted and synergized as one solid front to fight the change that no doubt is occurring in the climate. DAL as part of its social responsibility and its belief in the global citizenship, initiated this project to contribute mitigate the consequences of the climate change in general and on our microclimate in particular.

Environmental Care Ambassador Program

The program seeks to inspire Sudanese to live a more sustainable life and to gain a greater  understanding of the relationships between land to sea, humans to nature, people to people and present to future.

Our mission is to connect people and specially youth with nature, to teach them its value, show them its beauty, and to inspire them to preserve it.

The youth of today will become the leaders of tomorrow. And the leaders of tomorrow will be the ones who can change the way they live, to lessen human impacts on the earth.

Cleaning Initiatives

DAL Group Corporate Social Responsibility conducts a number of cleaning campaigns in Khartoum. Most of them are community-based environmental campaigns that inspire and empower individuals and communities from all over Sudan to make their environment a cleaner, healthier place to live.   The campaigns bring together businesses, community groups, schools, governments and individuals who carry out a range of activities and programs that positively improve local environments through cleaning up and conservation.

Cleaning initiatives aim to bring the cleanliness challenge to the forefront of the public’s consciousness, and we work in tandem with our stakeholders to rally the community to take action, encourage a groundswell of related activities and incorporate positive messaging on social graciousness and consideration for others.