Fire protection

LA’s Fire Protection Division was established primarily to supply, install and maintain fire materials and offer related solutions. The scope of our services also includes the refilling and maintenance of a complete range of fire extinguishers. SLA has rapidly developed as a leading professional company in the fire fighting industry. Our product portfolio includes both FM/UM and non FM/UL products to cover a variety of customers’ requirements.

The establishment of this division came about to protect clients’ investments (through reducing the likelihood and impact of fires) in parallel with the civil defense regulations. Our principle division, which is our manufacturing and engineering team, provides the professional support that ensures the SLA’s Safety Division is able to provide a first-rate standard of professional service in the installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment as well as supplying the complete fire safety equipment for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

SLA cooperation partners include:C-TEC ,EVERSAFE ,FIREX and Nanjing Fire Protection Technology (NFPT)