Animal Feed

DAL Food entered the animal feed market in 2011 with two brands: Kafi for Concentrated Feed and the DESSI brand for ingredients. The animal feed products are manufactured in a modern factory using the latest technologies in feed production, and the entire process is managed with a state-of-the-art laboratory and quality control system that checks every batch of raw materials and finished products. DAL Food’s animal feed range is distributed across almost all of Sudan through a remarkable distribution network and specialised feed centres supplying a wide range of products, such as dairy farming products, beef-cattle and sheep fattening feed, poultry concentrates and forage.

DAL Food is also proud to be the first brand in the Sudanese animal feed market to provide its customers with technical support services, providing teams of highly skilled veterinary consultants who give expert advice on feeding practices, animal health and farm management. Another key business service is the management of collection centres for fresh milk from farmers – the biggest supplier of fresh milk for the DAL Food dairy operation.