We are committed to never compromising on this legacy and articulating it with all stakeholders, to continually improve our prominent Agro Feed business model by implementing robust Quality & Food Safety Management Systems.
DAL Food Leadership shall provide the required resources to continually improve the adopted Quality and Food Safety standards, and strives to achieve the following goals:
• Integrate Quality & Food Safety Standards into the backbone of business strategies, processes, and performance measures.
• Set and review measurable Quality & Food Safety objectives for all operations, in alignment with risks and opportunities within the context of DAL Food.
• Ensure compliance with, and wherever feasible, exceed mandatory statutory, regulatory, and international requirements.
• Foster an inclusive culture of ownership where employees feel valued and respected.
• Ensure that all employees are competent and appropriately trained to understand and carry out their roles towards Quality & Food Safety.
• Select business partners who embrace our commitments and demonstrate compliance with DAL Food, Quality & Food Safety Standards.

Ihab Daoud Abdellatif
Managing Director – DAL Food
November 2022