The sole distributor of a wide range of international brands of passenger cars, trucks and buses

To satisfy the huge demand and opportunities rapid community development and fast life style has created in the automotive market. DAL provides wide range of passengers and commercial vehicles, availing different grades and options to satisfy all customers’ requirements and needs.

DAL Motors Co. Ltd. is the proud sole distributor of a number of international brands of passenger cars, trucks and buses.  The company has shown exponential growth in the Sudanese market and currently dominates as the biggest distributor in terms of range of models, reach across several states and capacity of showrooms and workshops.

Since its genesis as the exclusive distributor of MITSUBISHI Motors, DAL Motors Co. Ltd. acquired top range brands such as the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz and the fast-growing South Korean automotives giant KIA.

To support its product range and customers, the company has one of the most developed and mature networks of service, parts and maintenance locations in the country. With fully equipped workshop facilities strategically located together with mobile service units offering the full range of support services, whatever the requirement is. With a centralized parts management operation which handles a massive volume of transactions daily, the company ensures all workshops and branches are suitably equipped to operate and service their clients.

DAL Motors showrooms present models that accommodate the Sudanese taste and elements, while showcasing the best technology, design & performance from Japan, Germany and South Korea.

More than 20 years of excellence

International brands with international standards of local service provision

DAL Motors was established in 1994 with its appointment as the sole agent for MITSUBISHI Motors and a crystal clear vision of bringing cutting-edge technology together with the full range of dealership sales and after-sales support services to the automotive industry in Sudan.

The company set the local standard for the industry with comprehensive facilities that are designed and organized to maximize efficiency, provide excellent after-sales services through skilled technical support and to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

In 2005 DAL Motors was appointed as the exclusive dealer for the prestigious Mercedes-Benz range of Passenger Cars and in 2009, the other Jewel in the Crown was the appointment as the authorized distributor of the KIA Brand.  By 2003, the company’s core products and services have expanded to include trucks and buses, and so the vision to reach more states and service more clients outside the capital was realized.

DAL Motors Co. Ltd. now operates showrooms in Khartoum, El-Obeid, Kosti, Wad Medani, El Gadarif & Port Sudan. To honour its commitment for after sales service and parts provision, DAL Motors Co. Ltd. also operates fully equipped service workshops in Khartoum, El-Obeid, Wad Medani, El Gadarif & Port Sudan.

Autostar is also a sister company of DAL Motors Co. Ltd. The company is a continuation of the success of DAL Motors Co. Ltd. and introduces the Sudanese market to distinguished brands to enhance the quality of automotive products and parts.  The company capitalizes on global expertise to introduce products of the best quality to the Sudanese markets. Autostar products come from Germany, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates & Turkey, and are tried and tested in international markets for performance, reliability & durability.

Autostar operates one of the best equipped machine pumps testing and calibration centres in the Middle East in its Bosch Diesel Center. The company also provides quality & innovative functional solutions from Europe, Asia and the Middle East by being the sole distributor of MANN Filter, PLATIN batteries & ENOC oils.  Autostar also brought one of the top four Chinese passenger car brands to present a line of 4 diverse models to suit the Sudanese markets. With a newly minted showroom in Bahri, Changan is set to change the market with its high performance over the two years since it was launched in 2014.

Six distinguished brands:
MITSUBISHI Motors, Mercedes-Benz, KIA, Fuso, Haiger & FAW.
Nationwide Showrooms:
Khartoum , El-Obeid, Kosti, Wad Medani, Al Gadarif & Port Sudan
Nationwide Showrooms:
Khartoum , El-Obeid, Kosti, Wad Medani, Al Gadarif & Port Sudan
parts centres with a total daily
capacity of more than 200 vehicles In Khartoum, El-Obeid, Wad Medani, Al Gadarif & Port Sudan
At any one time
we have an average of 25,000 line items in stock across our parts warehouses
Distributing the best products
from German, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Emirati markets
Comprehensive after-sales products
for all brands and after-market products and accessories for non-brands.

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