Agricultural Crops

Since its establishment in 1984 as a service provider to both public and private sectors for rain fed and irrigated agriculture, DAL Agriculture has developed into one of the most successful agricultural businesses in Sudan. Although originally a contractor providing land preparation, canal digging and cleaning services, today the agricultural division develops and manages its own large-scale farms, including two in Khartoum State, two pilot farms in northern Sudan, and is rapidly expanding in other areas of the country.

The company produces alfalfa, corn (for animal feed), local wheat (for pasta) are in the process of testing a number of other crops for future diversification.

Agricultural Equipment & Solutions

SUTRAC works with the DAL engineering’s agricultural division to offers the widest range of integrated solutions for the supply, sales, financing facilities, purchase and rent of new machines, equipment and engines. The company has been continuously introducing products and services with cutting edge technologies that meet the business needs of the market.  Since establishment, SUTRAC has been recognized by its clients as a leading company in Sudan that provides high quality products, genuine parts and services to its partners with high service response time across even remote regions of Sudan.

As part of SUTRAC’s contribution to the community, the company has trained more than 30 small to medium sized tractor service providers in different parts of the country in order to empower them with knowledge of troubleshooting, major engine repair and maintenance for TAFE tractors.

Integrated Services and Solutions

The agricultural division of DAL Engineering is dedicated to offering farmers in Sudan and the surrounding region with quality products and services for a wide variety of agricultural activities from land preparation to harvesting. The company strives to provide its clients and partners with agricultural solutions tailored to the region that increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Locally, the division serves all agricultural sectors ranging from small-holders and commercial farming projects to the sugar industry. The unit’s activities are not limited to Khartoum; its Medani branch serves the Gezira Agricultural Scheme, which is the largest irrigation project in Africa. Other branches operate in Gadarif, Port Sudan, and Nyala. Recently, two new branches were established to serve the Sinnar and Blue Nile states, respectively.

DAL Engineering acts as agent for leading international brands such as, Valtra, TATU Marchesan and Pottinger. It has also recently launched an input and fertilizer unit that, along with its machinery business, aims to cover all production inputs for the agricultural sector.