Limousine Service

Dal Motors Co. Ltd. Is constantly striving to place our customer’s convenience at the top of our business development goals. With this in mind and with the assurance of our top of the line brands, we fostered partnerships with prestigious institutions and corporations for the provision of reliable and classy limousine service.

After Sales

Our customers rest assured that after bringing them authentic passenger cars, trucks and buses we continue servicing their valued vehicles with the best quality and latest in spare parts, accessories and components to ensure everything runs properly and safely.


Autostar is the exclusive distributor in Sudan for the leading manufacturer of tires, Bridgestone. Autostar offers a wide range of high quality tires for a variety of vehicle types – passenger cars, SUVs, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses.

Tires are available at each of our showrooms, and at our Tires center in Sahafa, Khartoum.

BOSCH Diesel Center, Sudan

Our Bosch Diesel Center in Khartoum’s industrial areas has one of the best testing and calibration machines in the Middle East to test different brands of mechanic pumps. Our team of sales, service advisors, technicians and drivers provide the best technical experience for our customers.

Service and Parts

Dal Motors Co. Ltd. is recognized for its world-class products and service during and after the sales of our diverse lines of products. We honor our customers by the continuous and steady supply of authentic spare parts for all our brands and conveniently located workshops across the nation; equipped with the latest diagnosis and maintenance technology available worldwide. All this is further enhanced by the distinguished team of competent engineers, technicians and customer service staff.

MANN Filter

From Stuttgart to Sudan, Mann Filter brings quality, innovation & integrated function to air and liquid filters. Autostar is the exclusive distributor of the Mann Filter product line in Sudan.


Autostar carries genuine spare-parts for non DAL Motors Co. Ltd. & Autostar brands to accommodate market demand for high-quality products. The parts are available through our centralized, real-time system that enables engineers at all workshops and locations to determine availability & stock immediately for the customers’ convenience.


Autostar is the exclusive distributor of the UAE based ENOC Oils, credited for providing the massive energy required to phenomenally transform the Emirate of Dubai.

PLATIN batteries

Winner of ASO award of merit, ISO innovation award and the golden brand award, Turkish PLATIN brand of

Car Sales

Passenger Cars

DAL Motors Co. Ltd is the sole distributor of internationally reputable passenger car brands that have high local demand. The brands are chosen from the top German, Japanese and Korean automotive industries and include:

MITSUBISHI Passenger vehicles.   MERCEDES-BENZ Passenger vehicles. – KIA Passenger vehicles.

Trucks and Buses

Observing a valuable market opportunity and being in a strategic position with pre-set alliances, DAL Motors Co. Ltd expanded its lines of passenger cars to include sturdy, high performance trucks and buses.

MITSUBISHI Trucks & Buses.  FUSO Trucks & Buses.  MERCEDES-BENZ Trucks & Buses.  Haiger Bus.  FAW Trucks


In 2014 Autostar brought one of the top four Chinese bands; Changan passenger cars to Sudan, adding Chinese brands to its long list of world-class brands. The brand boasts technologies by Suzuki and Ford with the agility of Chinese manufacturing, to present a locally fashionable & reliable brand with several distinguished models.