Sayga is Sudan’s premier flour brand, and DAL Food is the most dynamic and successful milling operation in the region. DAL Food entered the milling industry in 1996 with the Sayga brand and bakery flour as its flagship product. Its success is a result of its exceptionally high standards across all products and services.  The wheat and sorghum flour products are made using highly sophisticated Swiss machinery from the global leader, Buehler, and all products are packaged to satisfy the needs of both the retail and industrial food sectors.  DAL Food’s most recent innovation, sorghum flour, under the Zadna brand, is a significant development for commercially milled sorghum flour on an industrial scale.

Sayga has always played a pivotal role in Sudan’s food industry, and in 2001 was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification. In 2009, it became the first Sudanese company to receive HACCP accreditation – an internationally recognised food safety certification system – for its pasta plant. The company’s high manufacturing standards, enlightened management approach, distinguished brands, skilled workforce and strategic partnerships all contribute to ensuring that DAL Food continues to lead the way in Sudan’s food industry.


DAL Food is the top dairy processing company in Sudan, and markets its products under the CAPO brand. Since its establishment in 1997, DAL Food’s dairy production capabilities and product range have steadily evolved. Today, it offers pasteurised and long-life milk, plain and fruit yoghurt, cheese, cream, butter and mish (a traditional Sudanese delicacy).

CAPO is the leading dairy brand in the country and is renowned for its product innovation, creative marketing and leadership in the dairy field. The brand focuses on quality and taste, and has earned the loyalty of Sudanese consumers by consistently producing delicious dairy products, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

To ensure CAPO products reach the retailer in perfect condition, DAL Food manages its own distribution via a state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated trucks. Branded coolers are supplied to retailers’ premises to guarantee optimum storage conditions and ensure that products are correctly displayed to the consumer.

CAPO’s focus on continuous improvement, high quality products and innovation is internationally recognised; in 2000, it was awarded an ISO 9001:1994 Certificate of Approval by Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance, making it the first organisation in Sudan to achieve ISO status. The certification has since been renewed twice – most recently in 2010 – to the most up to date certification (ISO 9001:2008). DAL Dairy is still the only dairy processor in Sudan with this accreditation. In 2008, CAPO achieved another Sudanese first when it was awarded the Best Communications Campaign for the Middle East and Africa.

The dairy business recently moved into a world-class dairy plant in Khartoum North, designed in conjunction with TetraPak. The new plant paves the way for CAPO to revolutionise the distribution of safe hygienic milk to consumers in the greater Khartoum area.  This investment cements CAPO’s leading status, and prepares the CAPO brand for a future of continued growth and national expansion.


DAL Food entered the pasta market in 2006, and became a pioneer in pasta manufacturing in Sudan. The HACCP certified manufacturing plant operates using four Swiss Bühler production lines with a total capacity of 336 MT per day.

With two brands, Nobo and Milli, DAL Food offers pasta made from 100% semolina, produced using the best quality Australian and Canadian wheat and requiring only half the cooking time of other available brands.

The current product options are Vermicelli , Elbow, Penne, Spiral (Fusilli), Shell and Suksukaniya (pasta granules)

The success of DAL Food in the introduction of pasta into the Sudanese diet has led to a penetration of over 80% of Sudanese households. DAL Food  focus on high quality convenience products that reach as many consumers as possible, while further incorporating  pasta into the Sudanese diet.


Strategically located in Khartoum 2, DAL Food’s O-Zone cafe is famous for its unique position within a major roundabout, and its modern and relaxed style. It has become a popular gathering hub for people in the country’s capital, serving as a café, restaurant, and social gathering venue that caters to both local and international tastes. O-Zone provides a welcoming environment that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, often serving as a convenient place for both formal and informal meetings.

To enhance Sudanese folklore, O-Zone houses the John Bodourian Gallery space – located in the south-eastern corner of the café – where various events take place, ranging from in-house art exhibitions to arts and crafts bazaars.

Animal Feed

DAL Food entered the animal feed market in 2011 with two brands: Kafi for Concentrated Feed and the DESSI brand for ingredients. The animal feed products are manufactured in a modern factory using the latest technologies in feed production, and the entire process is managed with a state-of-the-art laboratory and quality control system that checks every batch of raw materials and finished products. DAL Food’s animal feed range is distributed across almost all of Sudan through a remarkable distribution network and specialised feed centres supplying a wide range of products, such as dairy farming products, beef-cattle and sheep fattening feed, poultry concentrates and forage.

DAL Food is also proud to be the first brand in the Sudanese animal feed market to provide its customers with technical support services, providing teams of highly skilled veterinary consultants who give expert advice on feeding practices, animal health and farm management. Another key business service is the management of collection centres for fresh milk from farmers – the biggest supplier of fresh milk for the DAL Food dairy operation.